Wild Earth’s famous high quality soaps at an affordable price, using 100% natural ingredients with locally sourced herbs and essential oils fresh from the Himalayas. All our "Back To Basics" soaps contain ingredients with natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties, great as a general day-to-day soap as well as bath soap.



Lemongrass and Tea Soap

A very refreshing lemony aroma bar enriched with Lemon grass essential oil and black tea have antiseptic, astringent and skin tone up properties....


Palmarosa and Rose Soap

A bar having sweet floral rose aroma with soothing and calming effect enriched with Palma Rosa essential oil and rose petal powder....


Mint Soap

A bar formulated with cooling and refreshing Mentha essential oil and Mentha leaves powder....


Basil Soap

Basil is known as a cooling and refreshing herb with natural antiseptic and insect repellent properties, which can be used for irritable skin con...


Citronella Soap

A refreshing bar with lemony aroma, formulated with Citronella essential oil and Neem herb - having antiseptic, anti bacterial and astringent pro...


Wintergreen and Camphor Soap

A cooling refreshing bar with sweet mint aroma enriched with Winter green essential oil and Camphor leaf....


Eucalyptus Neem Soap

A cooling and refreshing bar combines unique benefits of germicidal Eucalyptus essential oil and miraculous highly antimicrobial herb Azadirachta...


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