Wild Body Poetry 
Touched by the Elements
Our philosophy is quite simple, really. 
You were born wild, vital, radiant and sensuous. 
Your body is divine and so are you. 
We’re only here to help you cleanse, tone and moisturize 
your body-sacred terrain with Himalayan herbal offerings. 
Experience the alchemy and rituals of Himalayan body care. Touch nature. 
Let your body be a poem.


Community Sourced Himalayan Handcrafted Herbal body 
Wild Earth brings you a collection of naturally inspired skin, hair and body care products, sourced and blended in
 the Himalayas. Wild Earth products are full of the finest quality nourishing naturally based ingredients, certified organic where possible, chosen for their purity; formulas are ingredient-rich, 100% natural botanicals and without animal testing. Aside from beeswax and mare and yak milk, no animal ingredients are used. All packaging is made to be recyclable and all products are cruelty free.

Wild Earth’s Himalayan body care products contain bioactive botanical ingredients sourced from local Himalayan communities inspired by traditional formulas and enhanced with essential oils, carefully selected for purity and performance. Created without compromise to quality, honesty, beauty and the environment, Wild Earth offers scientifically proven, protein-rich formulations with the reassurance of traceable, sustainable ingredients.

Wild Earth products are always handcrafted to the highest quality using traditional herbal principles of herbal complexity and balancing of heating and cooling, stimulating and relaxing, wind, water-earth and fire herbs. The formulations are developed to be self-preserving to a degree, by using pharmaceutical quality water, essential oils and other natural strategies.

In addition to bringing the freshest, healthiest body care products to a global clientele, we also strive to bring the best of ancient Himalayan—Ayurvedic and Tibetan teachings to the modern world of body care. We believe that a good product is more than its content; the sensuous joy involved in the rites of body care-- applying nutritious botanical substances to the skin. To help you achieve healthy skin, we concentrate on providing products that are great for body and mind.

This is Wild Earth. This is our story. 
Our Himalayan botanical biodegradable body care products are our offering to you. 
It’s your body. Be wise with it.