Juniper Massage Oil

Our Tibetan Hotsprings Juniper Massage oil is formulated with Tibetan herbs to energize, uplift, and invigorate. These herbs are traditionally used in Tibet to harmonize Bhadkan- the water/earth element. This oil is especially good for combating mood swings and preventing springtime colds. We recommend vigorous massage with this oil to maintain healthy harmony in body, mind, and spirit through all the seasons.


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Juniper Massage Oil has been formulated to energize, uplift and invigorate. The Tibetan herbs in Juniper Massage Oil are traditionally used to harmonize Badkan, the water/earth element. Ideal for use after exercise on sore muscles, and for achy joints, Juniper Massage Oil can also be rubbed on the chest for relief from cold or flu. Good for oily skin.
Our Tibetan Hotsprings Juniper Massage oil can be used for massage, for fragrance, or as a skin moisturizer.
Juniper Massage Oil
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