Rhododendron Pure Essential Oil Blend

Few realize that anthopogon, known more commonly as rhododendron and found so prolifically throughout European and North American gardens today, is native to the Himalaya. Known more for its brilliant blossoming that covers hillsides from Bhutan to central Nepal, few have encountered its fragrant and unique scent, let alone traditional therapeutic properties. In the Sowa Rigpa (Tibetan medicine tradition), anthopogon (known locally as balu karpo or sunpati) grows as a shrub on open slopes from 3300 - 5100 meters. Tibetan medical texts describe rhododendron’s ability to promote heat in the body. The leaves and fresh flowers are made into a tea by Himalayan healers and drunk to stimulate appetite and relieve liver disorders. Anthopogen tea is also drunk for sore throat, and to counteract water-earth illnesses, fire headaches, fire back pain, cold, blood disorders, bone disease, potato allergies, and vomiting. Most significantly, anthopogen has been collected and gathered by high Himalayan people from Dolpo, Mustang to the Sherpas and Bhutanese as a sacred fragrant substance to be burnt in offering to please and harmonize the earthly divine-especially local earth spirits. It is one of five common Himalayan incense herbs symbolizing the elements that are offered to sanctify and pacify the environment. Rhododendron essential oil added to a massage oil is good for sore muscles, and its fragrance helps aid deep tissue relaxation. Almost balsamic in scent, it can be used on the skin and hair. According to Himalayan aromatherapy, rhododendron has grounding, calming, and centering properties.


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Enriched with Rhododendron anthopogon (Anthopogon) flower oil having sweet, herbal, faintly balsamic, relaxing aroma. It is formulated to deep tissue relaxation for calm during stress, tension and anxiety.
Rhododendron Pure Essential Oil can be applied to the skin added to a hot bath, used for steam inhalation or out on an aromatherapy diffuser.
Rhododendron Pure Essential Oil
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