Baby Pillow

This traditional baby pillow is specially designed and made with three layers muslin cloth and filling of mustard seeds and dried Chamomile flower. The gentle Himalayan herbs are blended to calm and soothe your babies.


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The essence of this pillow is to provide seed therapy to the baby head. It gives a warm massage to the baby's scalp, increases blood circulation to the head and provide enough heat that helps to protect the baby from cold and flu. Furthermore, it helps to give a nice round shape to the baby's head. Additionally, Chamomile flower's soothing aroma gives calming effect to the nerves providing a relaxing sleep to the baby. This traditional pillow is especially treasured by the high profile Newar community in Nepal.
Tuck you Baby pillow among your bed pillows to inhale the scents while in bed. Chamomile flower's soothing aroma will last for up to six months. Use Wild Earth's Baby oil blend to renew the pillow's aromatic properties.

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