Spikenard Barley Cleanse

Spikenard Barley Cleanse are made with ground, roasted barley (called Tsampa in Tibetan), the main food staple of Tibetan plateau nomads, who cherish its nutritive properties. The Tsampa is blended with Tibetan herbs traditionally used to stimulate sluggish lymph systems, restoring energy and vitality to the body.


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Spikenard Barley Cleanse will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Juniper extracts heals acne and tones your skin. he Tsampa, is balanced with Tibetan herbs like Juniper will cleanse and purify your mind. It ideal for dry complexions.
Spikenard Barley Cleanse should be used after massage to remove excess oils and toxins. Sprinkle 5 drops of Spikenard essential oil blend into 4 tablespoons of barley cleanse and mix. Rub barley cleanse onto oily skin and, ideally, use a brush to remove it from the skin.

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