Vata Herbal Soap

Wild Earth's Vata Herbal Soap is good for dry skin and works with our other Vata products to help restore balance in the body and mind when the Vata dosha is out of balance. This soap has been specially formulated, based on Ayurvedic principles, to ground, balance and warm the Vata dosha. We use our own special blends of Ayurvedic herbs (shatavari, jatamansi, amalaki, bibhitaki, haritaki) and pure essential oils, in a base of coconut, palm, sunflower and olive oils, with beeswax, to produce the finest Ayurvedic soap available. Packaged in a yellow cotton pouch silk screened with the red Vata symbol. Each bar of soap is carefully hand crafted using a traditional cold process technique and cured for at least one month.


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Balances and rejuvenates skin, helps to reduce inflammation and also other skin problems; provides a soothing and refreshing effect on your mind and soul, and reduces restlessness and tension in a Vata person. Especially good for dry skin.
Commercially milled soap is often harder than cold-process soap, but the milling process removes glycerin, the natural moisturizer that is created when soap is made. For a rich moisturizing soap that is kind to skin, we choose to retain the natural glycerin and recommend that a soap draining dish is used to prolong the life of the soap.
Vata Soap
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