Baby Massage Oil

Before and after birth can be sacred yet fragile time for both mother and baby. For centuries, mothers and babies from the Himalayas have received the great benefits of massage to ease them through this period. Our Baby massage oil is gently formulated to soothe and calm babies and small children.


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A clear light green colored, easily absorbable mild natural oil with sweet, refreshing, aroma; rich in essential fatty acids, high in vitamins A, C and E contents, therefore, an excellent emollient and moisturizer; nourish gently the babys skin; A regular massage will enhance blood circulation and gives strength to the babys muscles tissues; helps to skin rejuvenation its anti-inflammatory properties is extremely beneficial for itchiness, dryness, irritation and nappy rashes. Additionally, Chamomile flowers soothing aroma gives calming effect to the babys nerves providing a relaxing sleep to the baby.
Using soft massage movements, parents can enhance early bonding with their new child. Babies need, enjoy and yearn to be stroked. And parents need it too - massaging the new baby lets a mother or a father grow close and comfortable with this tiny, fragile body, communicating with it in the language it knows best: that of the senses. To increase the bonding effects of the massage, parents should maintain eye contact with their baby. We recommend a daily massage, rubbing with very gentle strokes away from the baby's heart. Massage the entire body, avoiding eyes and genitals.
Baby Massage Oil
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