Buddha Meditation Pillow

Wild Earth's Meditation Pillow contains a special blend of aromatic Himalayan plants used by Buddhist practitioners to arouse enlightened qualities: Ganden Khenpha, Lhasang Shukpa, Palu, Pangbu, Chandan, Camphor, Clove and Cardamom. These are traditionally offered on to invoke peace and awareness for all beings.


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To arouse enlightened qualities and offerings to invoke peace and awareness for all beings.
Knead the Meditation pillow softly to awaken the scents and keep nearby when you meditate. You pillow will retain its scents for up to six months after opening the package. The zipper locking bad provided with it can be used for storing pillow when not in use and will help prolong the fragrant life of the herbs. Use Wild Earth's Meditation essential oil blend to renew the pillow's aromatic properties. To clean the pillow cover, remove it and gently hand wash in cool water with a mild soap. Do not wash the herbs-filled pillow inside as this will destroy the properties of the herbs.
Buddha Meditation Pillow
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