Artemisia vulgaris (Artemisia)

Gregarious shrub; lower leaves stalked, upper leaves sessile; flower heads yellowish in panicled racemes; Distributed through out Nepal at 300-2500 m, c ommon along waysides and in the margins of cleared forests. Antiseptic, anti-microbial, astringent, anti-oxidant, skin rejuvenating properties; especially good for rejuvenating normal and dry, sun burnt and sensitive skin, also good for surgical scars; alleviates skin bruises, itching; recommended for normal and fine hair to leave it shiny and lustrous; A nerve tonic, good for pain during arthritis, rheumatism and strained muscles; relaxing and calming against stress and anxiety.

1. Dried leaves and flowers are used as incense. 2. The essential oil of the leaves has an insecticidal property. 3. An infusion of leaves is applied for asthma, headaches, cuts and wounds. 4. juice of leaves is given in cases of cough
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