Yogini Rose Oil

Rose is traditionally associated with Venus, the goddess of love and procures in us a feeling of wellbeing and happiness. Fill your bath or showe...


Yogini Jasmine Oil

In ancient South Indian devotional poetry, the presence of the divine is symbolized as the lingering scent of jasmine. Jasmine is known as the 'q...


Yogini Lilac Lavender Oil

The combination of pure lilac and lavender oil has not one but many medicinal benefits. It acts as a cough suppressant, heals headache and is goo...


Yogi Sandalwood Oil

Yogi Sandalwood Oil is one of the world's oldest perfume materials, and is primarily used for incense, cosmetics, perfume and Eastern medicines. ...


Juniper Pure Essential Oil Blend

Called shukpa in Tibetan, mountain juniper berry oil is good for boosting the immune system against colds, flu and infections,. It has a stimulat...


Cedarwood Pure Essential Oil

This oil is formulated to cool, calm, and relax. Its mountain tree scent is used to dispel nervous tension and stress-related conditions by provi...


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