Sustaining Himalayan Herbal Wisdom

We believe in the powerful herbal synergy of complex herbal blends we’ve found in HazurAama and Momo-la’s (Granma’s) home healing botanical recipes and HazurBuwa and Popo-la’s (Granpa’s) texts—filled with the rich healing heritage of the Himalaya. And we’re just beginning to fully understand and appreciate the complexity of Himalayan herbal plants through research and molecular biochemistry. We’re in awe and wonder at the botanical micro diversity of the Himalaya and the extraordinary plants that grow here and the people who discovered the secrets of these plants.


Amchi (Sowa Rigpa, Tibetan medical doctor)

Struggling for survival, we want to provide mutual benefit for mountain communities fostering sustainable livelihoods from natural herbal resources sustainably harvested so we can all enjoy the richness of their herbal traditions on our skin. Amchi Sherab Barma, Amchi Gyatso Bista, Amchi Tsewang Rinpoche, Amchi Nyima, Dr. Koirala, Dr. Madhu Bajracharya have all helped us in the formulation of our Himalayan herbal recipes.


Sustaining Local Herbs


Wild Earth's founder, Carroll Dunham, harvesting herbs with the women of Humla, Nepal.

Sustainability is important to us. In the communities we source our products from, in the herbs we gather, in helping sustain your skin and body. Wild crafted and cultivated herbs, we seek out small micro diverse organic farmers from diverse regions of Nepal for the 87 different herbs found in the alchemy of our complex botanical formulas based on a wealth of Himalayan pharmacopeia. Not all our herbs come from the Himalaya, because, since ancient times, the Himalaya was a crossroads for caravans carrying precious herbs from the South and precious herbs from the North and any that were efficacious were incorporated into the pharmacopeia.

Organic is important to us but so is affordability. We have products like our Wake Up organic certified Coffee and Tea ranges, our organic pure Himalayan olive oil based products, and the majority of our herbs which are organic by nature. We also offer nature identical fragrances for clients looking to offer natural products that their clients can afford and we’ve enhanced some old traditional recipes with powerful aromatic essential oils.

Buying Wild Earth products not only benefits your body and skin with nutrient rich plant essences. You support sustainable agriculture, help sustain traditional healers and fair trade wage practices and support the use of renewable, recycled and reusable resources.