Juniper Massage Ball

Use Juniper Massage Ball to reduce aches and pains and soften stiff muscles. It is formulated to improve blood circulation, and stimulate and energize with Tibetan herbs traditionally used to harmonize Badkan, the water earth element, removing stagnation and returning vitality to the body. Recommended to use after sports or exertion, and especially effective for rheumatic conditions.


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Our Juniper Massage ball is excellent after sports or exertion to reduce aches and pains, soften stiff muscles and improve blood circulation. Also useful for rheumatic conditions.
Presoak the ball in cool water infused with Wild Earth's Tibetan Hot springs Juniper essential oil for 10-20 minutes. Steam the ball or heat in a microwave oven. Once it is heated to your desired temperature, dip in a bowl of warm Tibetan Hot springs Juniper Massage Oil or warm water infused with Juniper essential oil and apply directly to the skin. Rub and press the ball lightly on different parts of the body. Storage: The ball is reusable until aroma fades away. After each usage, keep in a cool, dry place. No need to refrigerate.
Juniper Massage Ball
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