Pitta Aromatic Amulet

Our Pitta Aromatic Amulet is filled with the same blend of Ayurvedic herbs as the Pitta Aromatic Pillow -- traditionally used to cool, calm and relax the Pitta dosha. Wear one to experience the benefits of this formula any time, any place. Learn more about Ayurveda and the Pitta dosha. Amulet is made with blue cotton (silk screened with the green Pitta symbol) and a silver bead strung on a black nylon thread.


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Santalum album (Sandalwood), Fenugreek Mentha arvensis (Field Mint) powder Santalum album (Sandalwood), Fenugreek Mentha arvensis (Field Mint) powder
The Ayurvedic herbs in our handcrafted Pitta Aromatic Amulet have cool and sweet-smelling scents, designed to keep the mind calm and balanced.
Wear your Amulet around your neck, close to your heart.

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