Organic Coffee Face Pack and Scrub

Wild Earth's coffee face pack & scrub containing an exotic blend of ground rice and chickpea to cleanse your skin.


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Coffee packs and antioxidant punch that is great for healing and restoring damaged skin. Removes toxins from the skin and stimulates blood circulation.
It can be used as a face scrub or as a face pack. Face scrub: Take the required amount of scrub and mix it with water. Massage gently on your face, using circular movements and wash off with warm water. Moisturize after applying. Face pack: 1 teaspoon of coffee face pack, 1.5 teaspoon of clean water, a quarter (1/4) teaspoon of honey. Mix well to make a paste. Apply the paste over face and neck till it dries – longer the better. Moisten the dried pack and massage for best results. Rinse off with warm water. Moisturize after applying.

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