About Jampeche


Jampeche is the Tibetan word for ‘gentle external treatments’ and can be found in a section of the Gui Zhi, the Tibetan Medical Canon. Wild Earth’s Jampeche Himalayan Spa products are made with the finest quality Tibetan herbs and essential oils, formulated under the guidance of well-trained Tibetan doctors and handcrafted by women, in the Himalayas. These are the first authentic spa products based on Sowa Rigpa - ‘the wisdom of healing’, the 1,500 year old medical tradition of Tibet and the High Himalayas. They are equally complemented by our expertly developed Jampeche body treatments.
According to Sowa Rigpa, your body has within it an incredible system of channels - not unlike wild rivers - in which vitality and life force flows. The Chinese call this chi, Indians, prana and, Tibetans lung. When these rivers become blocked, sluggish or flow too fast, your fundamental sense of energy and well being are profoundly effected. Jampeche Himalayan Spa products and treatments work to restore vitality, longevity, and radiance by ensuring the healthy flow of the body's inner rivers.
We use Himalayan sun-infused herbal oils; sacred healing red mud; Tethys Sea bath salts and scrubs; roasted barley rubs and stones from Himalayan river beds, each hand-carved with an auspicious symbol found in sacred Buddhist texts, to help nourish more than just
your skin. Jampeche products use high grade 100% natural ingredients, in conjunction with traditional Tibetan knowledge. They are not tested on animals. As they do not contain any artificial preservatives we recommend that to maximize their shelf-life they should be
stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.